Birthday celebrations

MVIMG_20171216_192123.jpgGene and I visited my parents this weekend to celebrate birthdays and see one another. Kaitlin and Kevin came too and brought EG, who is now one year old! We played a variety of games, including Mysterium, a game that my parents got Gene for his birthday. I enjoyed it but I think we need to tweak the way we get points – it would make the game better. Regardless of that, however, I think it has great re-playability. The mechanics are fun – Dixit style art is used to give clues and the game is cooperative all the way throughout except for when players vote secretly, in hopes that they’ll vote for the same thing. I was the ghost when we played and I enjoyed it – which is a good sign. It means even the “host”of the game will have fun.

I also enjoyed playing 5 Second Rule, a game where you have 5 seconds to name off three things. For example, name three sciences. It was hilarious, there were some very silly moments, including Kaitlin making up people’s names with such ease that we questioned if they were real or not. It’s one of those games you can play for as long as you want and you can decide to keep track or not. Pretty fun party game.


And of course, it was a blast getting to see EG. She’s crawling now, almost walking, and babbling constantly. She is almost always smiling and her laugh is contagious. How I love being around her.

MVIMG_20171217_172441.jpgNow back home, I’m in the final stretch before I go on break for a week. Gene and I were greeted with a package from Lydia with more birthday presents. She got us an adorable set of Christmas salt and pepper shakers. I’m not sure if we’ll use them for salt and pepper but I do plan on keeping them out – how could I not?!

As I start to take down Christmas decorations at work I feel that I need more at home to keep me in the holly jolly Christmas spirit. This was a perfect way to do that!

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