Holiday craziness at work

MVIMG_20171219_084631.jpgYesterday was a crazy day – people are panicking since we only have a couple more days before everyone is on break. But even through the utter craziness, there were some great moments. I received a box of homemade goodies from a coworker, was treated to a smoothie, and had great fun taking pictures of coworkers’ socks (we’re celebrating Holiday Spirit Week!). In the afternoon I stopped by Amazon’s Treasure Truck again and picked up some fancy light bulbs (here I come artificial sunrise!). And after work I went to my department’s holiday happy hour where I ate food and visited with my team.


On top of all of that, I’ve been getting little treats and gifts from members of my team this whole week which is very nice and warms my heart. I’m saving them to open on Christmas but might cave and open a few on Christmas Eve. Tomorrow is my last day of work for the year – woot!


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