Here I come, Christmas!

I’m officially on winter break now and I love it.

Yesterday morning I went to a coworker’s house where I made my grandma’s coconut balls and Gene (my coworker) baked a few of his favorite cookies. My other coworker, Brenda, also went over and it was just such a pleasant morning with the three of us chatting and baking. Gene called it Little Christmas Eve and told us it was a Danish tradition that the day before Christmas Eve, friends gather and bake together. I have to say, it’s a tradition I would love to continue. It was so peaceful and fun and of course I got lots of treats out of it.

Gene also surprised me and Brenda with homemade split pea soup for lunch. I’ve only had that soup once before and I believe it was from a box so I was surprised when I took the first bite and loved the flavor. I am now going to add the meal to our meal rotation at home. Gene even let me take some of it home and I gulped the rest of it down for my lunch today.

Other than that, I’ve cleaned the house with the help of Sidney and husband Gene, I’ve finished wrapping presents, and grocery shopping is complete.  I’m feeling pretty darn good about the holidays and am excited to open presents tomorrow and Tuesday when I visit my family.

Now I need to make a few appetizers for Christmas day, play some games, and I’ll be 100% ready. Happy Christmas Eve, everyone!

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