Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Last night, I drove Gene and Sidney around and we looked at Christmas lights. We mostly wandered around Windsor Gardens, a large retirement community that always has great lights, but we did drive through another nearby neighborhood as well. We saw some awesome decorations including Santa in a helicopter (we saw three of those), a Mexican Santa (yeah), and a Santa with a quickly rotating eye. There was a giant teddy bear that moved his arms in a jerky way and lots of reindeer, snowflakes, and those awesome laser lights that go on walls. It was quite enjoyable.

We then came home, ate some dessert, and watched Die Hard. I had never seen it and although I started falling asleep in the middle of it (it just KEEPS GOING!), I liked it. There are some great one liners – “Yippie Ki Yay Motherf***er” might be my favorite- and it’s pretty crazy that this one guy basically takes out a group of thieves on his own without knowing the building and all while barefoot. While I did laugh and enjoy it, I’m not sure it beat Gremlins.

Today was a day filled with food, too much food, opening presents, and relaxing. We got the game Tokaido from Sidney’s parents and played it sometime this afternoon. They got us the deluxe version which is super fancy and awesome as it comes with miniatures for each character! This version also expanded the game a bit, giving us more options on our travels. Not only is it a truly beautiful game but it’s fairly easy to learn and by having characters, one can play the game many times without it getting old. I’m so glad we’re getting more and more board games to play!

I bought the household our own copy of Codenames: Pictures, so we’ll have to play that later as both Elisabeth and I really like it. It’s definitely better with more people but for now, the four of us will have to do.

Hope everyone else has had as nice of a Christmas as I had.

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