Christmas #2

Can you find Pippin?

Yesterday, Gene and I had another Christmas – this time with my family. We went over to Kaitlin and Kevin’s house in the afternoon and hung out, ate good food, and opened loads of presents. My parents were extremely generous this year and got me all the big items I wanted – including a Colorado State Park pass and a Denver Botanic Gardens pass. I think those were my two favorite gifts, although I’m happy about it all.

I loved getting to spend time with my family, especially EG who is officially one year old and is almost walking on her own. She may be the happiest baby I have ever met, she is all smiles and giggles and babbling. I am so excited to get to spend time with her once she knows how to talk.

Look how cute EG is!

Today, Gene and I watched the latest Star Wars movie. We went to the 9:30am showing because we were awake, which meant we arrived with only two other cars in the parking lot and the theater almost empty. Pretty nice way to see a movie.

We also finished playing Trine 2, a computer game that Gene and I had been playing off and on for a while. He’s trying to get me back into a game and I quite liked this one. It’s a good, casual two player game for those looking for something to do as a couple or just a set of friends. Now we need to find another game as it turns out playing it was both relaxing and fun for me!

Some of my other favorite gifts: art print, Romaine Calm magnet, and pencil bag.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring but with this warmer weather I’m thinking maybe a trip to a state park? There’s also the Christmas lights at the Botanic Gardens that are calling my name. All I know is that more fun times are ahead!


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