Lunch & Board Games

MVIMG_20171227_204706Gene and I started our day by lugging up the puzzle table into the den so I could work on my Christmas puzzle while we watched The Expanse, a Syfy TV series based on the book series by the same name. Elisabeth is actually the one that got me onto the series, even though she hasn’t read it, and I turned Gene onto it. If you’re looking for a good scifi series to get into and you like space, aliens, and mystery, you should definitely read theses books. The show isn’t too bad – it’s different from the book in many ways, of course – but the main story has stayed the same and it is interesting to see how the TV show interpreted the books.

Gene trying on a Domo hat at Wizard’s Chest

After a few episodes under our belt, we met up with Sidney and Elisabeth for lunch. We went to Larkburger – a place neither Gene nor I had been before. Happily, Elisabeth had free coupons for us so the meal was paid for, pretty great. The food was tasty, and was actually better than many of the burger places we go to. I would go again.

Sidney and Elisabeth went back to work and Gene and I finally went to Wizard’s Chest, the board game & all-around geek store that we had a gift card for back from our wedding. We wandered around and ended up getting two board games – two-player games so he and I can play when the housemates aren’t up to hanging out. I’m really excited, they came recommended by one of the store employees. I think we’ll have to try them out this week.

Now it’s time for another episode of The Expanse and then we’ll test out a new recipe that a coworker sent me – French Onion chicken. Mmmm mmmm mmmm.

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