Puzzle complete & state park visit


I have finished the Christmas puzzle! Just in time too – the Christmas season is almost over – can you believe it? Next week will be time to take down the decorations. I might have to find a way to keep up some lights throughout the year,  it’s a very nice feeling to have them on during the evening.

The puzzle was fun to do – I’ve decided to make it a Christmas tradition to complete that puzzle every year. The puzzle is so adorable, I quite like the little boy’s expression of pure excitement. I had forgotten how much I enjoy doing puzzles, it relaxes my brain.

After finishing the puzzle, Gene and I hopped in the car and went to the Cherry Creek Reservoir. We used my gift to get ourselves a year pass to all Colorado state parks. It was a pretty warm day so we walked a few trails and enjoyed the view of the mountains before heading back home. Gene had the great idea of us going camping at some of the state parks this year since we have a pass to get in. Now we’ll just have to pay the camping fees and we’ll be golden. Should be fun, I think!

Hanging out at Cherry Creek Reservoir

When we got home we played one of our new two-player games, Patchwork. It was very quick to learn how to play and it played through in about 30 minutes. The game looked simple and kind of silly, but as soon as I started playing I realized that I had made an incorrect assumption. The game is fun but hard for people like me who are not the best visualizers. I’m also still improving my strategy skills so although I enjoyed this game and will definitely play it again, it wasn’t easy. This only means that there is plenty of re-play-ability and I’m totally cool with that.

Now it’s almost time to start dinner – baked brie and lentil stew – going to be a tasty meal!


One thought on “Puzzle complete & state park visit

  1. I think that puzzle is so cute! Great choice. What happened to all the Christmas puzzles you girls got every year for your birthday?

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