Pathfinder & time with family

Last night we played our Pathfinder game again because of the adventure pack Gene got from my parents for Christmas. Since we hadn’t played in at least four months (we were focusing our time on Pandemic Legacy) we were a tiny bit rusty but we did okay. We kinda sorta won the game but since it didn’t go exactly as we planned, we have decided to play that scenario again. More fun for us!


Today, Gene and I drove down to Colorado Springs to have brunch with my family. Some of my extended family came in so we got together for a few hours, visited, and ate some good food. We went to the Broadmoor, a fancy hotel complex and set of restaurants. It was my first time going there and my first impression is that there are a lot of beautiful buildings. The Christmas decorations were so lovely. I’m sure it’s just magical at night.

It was nice getting to see my family – I even got them to play three games of Codename Pictures – that was a lot of fun. As they headed out to go hiking at Garden of the Gods, Gene and I headed back home so we could start the process of setting up a pot rack for our kitchen! We’re not there yet but should hopefully have it up and ready by tomorrow.

Santa says hello via a gingerbread house at the Broadmoor.

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