Hanging pot rack

MVIMG_20171231_102131.jpgAfter a couple of hours and a trip to Lowe’s, we have successfully installed a hanging pot rack! And by “we”, I mostly mean Gene. He was a trooper, going up and down the ladder, marking and remarking, drilling and raising. I’m sure his neck is sore from looking up for so long but we now have a fancy pot rack that I am so excited to use.

It actually wasn’t that hard to install, we were just extra careful since we had never hung anything from the ceiling before and on top of that our ceiling slants. Lovely. But with multiple minds put together, we succeeded without any incidents.

Now we have more room in the cabinet so I can better organize our baking pans and sheets – soon there will be no more clashing and clanging when trying to get a medium-sized cookie sheet! I’ve ordered some organizers that will go in the now empty cabinets and voila – organization and quiet will have stepped up a level. Oh how I love to organize.


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