Last day of break


Today I played Seven Wonders Dual, the other game that Gene and I got for the two of us to play. This one took longer to learn but it was fun. This is another strategy game and it’s tough because you’re trying to win but also prevent the other player from winning at the same time. Obvious, right? But it means you have to make decisions about whether you’ll advance yourself or screw yourself over. Patchwork is a bit different, it’s slightly harder to screw over the other person, so if you want a nicer game go for that one. But Seven Wonders Dual is a good game, there are multiple ways to win which makes it tricky and there are multiple ways to take your turn which means possibilities upon possibilities. As I was telling Gene today, I imagine this game is quite good at keeping the mind sharp and keeping memory issues at bay.


We also played Pandemic Legacy with the housemates today and we won! We’re more than half way done with the game. I’m hoping we finish it all by the end of January, I think that would be a great way to kick off the first month of 2018. Pandemic Legacy has been a challenge but it’s definitely one of my favorite games.

And now I’m going back to work tomorrow – I’m not stressing about it so that’s great but I’m not looking forward to getting up an hour earlier. I really hope I see our culture shift to 6 hour work days in my life. Because these 8 to 9 hour days are just plain silly.

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