Dino costume appears again

Today I brought my dinosaur costume to work, got in it, and surprised my department’s meeting. They knew I was coming in to do something fun but they didn’t know what so everyone laughed and cheered when I suddenly appeared through the door dressed as a t-rex. I even passed out calendars that I had made, each one with a different picture of me in my dinosaur costume.

It was hilarious and supposedly it was a big hit. I made a quick exit after I handed out the last calendar. But I heard snippets about their reaction and it was all positive. I’m glad I could make my coworkers’ lives a bit happier today.

3 thoughts on “Dino costume appears again

  1. Good for you! I never did anything quite like that, but I did like to do fun things for my team. One of their favorites that I did was I called everyone into a conference room and handed out special origami paper and directions and we created origami for an hour. I still have plenty of items left if you ever want to try it!

  2. Yeah, I would love to do that kind of thing! I’ll take anything you don’t think you’ll use in the near future!

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