What I like Wednesday/Thursday

The Wicked & The Divine – The Faust Act

I joined a meetup group for women who like to read comics. I haven’t read many comics, but I do like reading and I do like the idea of comics so I decided to join (I also want to make more friends this year). The Wicked & The Divine is the comic that the group is currently reading. Only knowing the summary of it, I checked it out from the library and instantly liked it. The art is exactly to my liking. It’s my style to a tee. Clean lines and great coloring. And just the style of the art, the way everything looks, in general, is the kind I like.

The story is intriguing and a little confusing, forcing me to read it more slowly, which is great, because it means I’m also looking at the art more, trying to see if I can get a clue to what will happen next. I’ve already checked out the second volume.


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