Cross stitch & Botanic Gardens


On Saturday, I went to a cross stitch “class” that one of my local libraries was hosting. A few months ago I decided I wanted to try out cross stitching as an adult. I got an awesome cross stitch pattern from my parents for Christmas but then realized, “This is a huge pattern and I don’t really know how to cross stitch, I better start smaller.” So when I saw that my library was having a cross stitch get together, I figured this was a great idea. I could go, get free materials to practice on, and have multiple people tell me if I was doing something wrong.

I had a good time. I talked with some ladies and although I wasn’t really successful in regards to stitching something, I did learn how to stitch so when I came home, I was comfortable doing it. I went to Michael’s yesterday and picked up some thread and my own set of needles and hoop and I stitched myself some dinosaurs!


I’m pretty excited for all my future stitching possibilities, there are some awesome projects out there.

Yesterday afternoon, the housemates and I went to the Botanic Gardens now that I have a year membership! We saw the new orchid exhibit in one of the greenhouse areas – the vibrant colors was something else. And who knew how many different kinds of orchids there were? We saw such a variety, it was quite impressive. We wandered around the grounds afterward because even though there wasn’t much color outside, it was such a beautiful day that it didn’t matter. We finished our visit like always, by walking through the jungle building. That was just wonderful because the sun was shining down and the air was warm and everything was green and bright and flowering and I felt like it was summer again for a brief moment. I’m definitely going to go back there soon.


One thought on “Cross stitch & Botanic Gardens

  1. You did a great job on your cross-stitched dinosaurs! You should do a small alphabet book for EG and her baby brother – just a pocket sized one w/ simple things. You’ve already covered d! Now on to apple!

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