What I like Wednesday

Star Trek Discovery

I’m really liking this new Star Trek TV show that’s recently come out.  It’s different from all the previous series but it keeps just enough the same that I know it’s Star Trek. That tiny bit of familiarity helped me through the first few episodes when I was in shock over the appearance of the Klingons and what I thought were blatant issues with the world. As I clung to those small pieces, I continued watching and ended up falling in love with the characters. Michael, the main character of the show, intrigued me. A human with the culture and personality of a Vulcan? That’s already cool because I love Spock. A scientist? I’m all about promoting science so another point won. And a black woman as the lead? Heck yes. Some of the decisions the show makes are very new to Star Trek, making this an interesting experience as I’m not exactly sure what’s going to happen. Even if I don’t like all of the decisions that are made, I love talking about them and thinking about them, so the whole team is doing a fantastic job.

To top it off, throw in Tilly, an intense best friend and Stamets, a scientist who puts it all on the line, and you have me hooked. Really, I like all of the main characters except for one. I think the writing, acting, and cinematography are great, making it a show I look forward to each week. I am excited to see where this series goes.

The Greatest Discovery

Along with the new Star Trek show came a new podcast! Now, a day after I watch the latest episode of the show, I can listen to two hilarious guys talk about it. It makes the show more enjoyable because I look for things that I hope the hosts will talk about. Their podcast makes me focus more on the minutiae of each episode, which is pretty fun.

These guys deserve a lot of kudos because I know it takes a lot of work for them to put a podcast together within 24 hours of a show. Not only do they put a recording together but it’s funny and insightful. Many props to Adam and Ben. They make my drive home from work relaxing and pleasurable.

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