Spring break Chicago & Madison part 4

Lovely airbnb!

Sunday came around and it meant our trip was coming to a close. We spent the morning in the airbnb before heading back to State Street to hang out for a bit until the University of Wisconsin art museum, the Chazen Art Museum, opened. I got myself a tasty raspberry scone and we walked around in the sun, trying to get warm. The museum finally opened so we walked it’s halls for a couple of hours. There was some neat art, a couple of pieces by famous people even, but my favorite piece was a human-sized sculpture of a hare with tattoos. That fascinated and intrigued me. This place was also free (score!) and was yet again, impressive. This university knows how to do museums. The really cool thing was that we came literally as the doors were being opened so for quite a while it was just me and Gene looking at the art while two musicians practiced for an upcoming concert. Yeah, we had live piano music playing just for us (or so I’d like to think).  



We grabbed some lunch at a gyro place along State Street after that and then got ice cream at another store before heading to the airport. I got rocky road and oh it was good. It had marshmallow ice cream! Returning our rental car was super easy. So easy that I overestimated how long we would need so we hung out in the airport for a bit longer than needed. But that was okay because the Madison airport is quite nice, it’s very small so we didn’t have to worry about rushing to our terminal. It also has really nice leather chairs so we popped ourselves into some, that also happened to be near a fireplace, and played a game that I had brought. I also had just enough time to try on a cheese hat, couldn’t leave Wisconsin without doing that!

And while our flight was delayed for an hour because of a leaking bathroom, we did end up getting to Denver without trouble and Elisabeth kindly picked us up.

This trip was fantastic. I was almost 100% stress free the entire time, the plans we had made worked with no issues, the food was amazing, and all the things we did were fun and pretty inexpensive (minus The Field Museum). I am so thrilled, pleased, and proud. Gene and I plan on doing this again with other cities in the US now that we know we’re great at it! We’re thinking East Coast next time, we’ll see!

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