Weekend productivity

This past weekend was what I considered a very productive one, which means I loved it. It started with grocery shopping on Friday evening and then watching Spirited Away. A trip to JoAnn Saturday morning started off the day followed by finishing all the winding of my cross stitch thread onto cardboard bobbins and partial meal prep for the week as our trees got trimmed by the professionals! The trees look so good now, I can tell a difference and am so looking forward to when they have leaves. I’m happiest though because Gene didn’t have to do it himself. It saved him time, effort, and the trees got trimmed properly. Woot. Then Gene and I made pavlova before I headed over to my parents’ house for the night. We all caught up and I got to see EG, who is now over 1 year old and is learning so much. She knows where her head and nose are and she knows what things are, like her toys. She can basically use a fork and she’s starting to walk. It is so amazing to watch her little brain and body grow. We played Sushi Go Sunday morning before I headed back home to make birthday treats for coworkers, take a walk, and then go to my comic book club meetup where I read some comics and enjoyed the company of other ladies who like comics.

And now here I am, with a wall of text and no pictures! Gotta get better at snapping them I guess. At least it shows I was in the moment. 🙂

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