DINK & yard work!

A watercolor commission I had done!

This past weekend I went to DINK – Denver Independent Comics Expo – for the first time and had a blast. Two floors of a building were completely filled with comic book writers, comic book artists, and artists in general all selling their wares and chatting it up. While I’m not a big comic reader yet (getting there!) I still loved walking around. There was so much awesome art, I ended up spending more than I expected but I’m extremely pleased with the art I got. Plus, I’m directly supporting local and small artists, doesn’t get much better than that. I talked to some really friendly vendors, bought some amazing art, and purchased three comic books – two Adventure Time ones and one about cats. It’s such a great feeling to be surrounded by other geeky people, talking about geeky things, looking at geeky things. I will definitely go again next year.


Other than that adventure, I went to Target and purchased frames for my new art. I feel like such an adult, buying frames. Sometimes I worry I don’t have enough wall space to hold all the art I want, but then I look at my house and think “oh yeah, there’s LOADS more room!” It will be interesting to see what the walls will be covered in five years from now.


I also worked in the yard on Sunday. And so begins the physical work of making my front and back yard look how I imagine them to be. My landscaping plan is mostly complete and that means it’s work time during every weekend I can get my hands on.

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