What I like Wednesday

Over the past few months I have been treating myself to some goodies. Following Sidney’s lead, I decided to take the plunge into enamel pins and ordered one for myself. After seeing my coworker’s lanyard with her variety of pins, I wanted to spruce mine up a bit. It was a hard decision of which pin to purchase, there are SO MANY cute enamel pins out in the world, but in the end I landed on a cat astronaut.


It’s Pippin hanging out in space! I love cats and I love space so I figured this was a good first enamel pin to purchase for myself. Thank you Etsy! I now plan on purchasing a pin in every place I visit as an easy and small souvenir to get for myself. Too bad I didn’t think about that until AFTER the spring break trip. Granted, I did still get myself an enamel pin, but it’s a t-rex and not something reminiscent of Madison.


I also got two awesome tights from a different Etsy store (Etsy be awesome). Now I can have astronauts or cats on my legs at any time. I feel pretty grand. All my coworkers like them too so not only do I bring myself happiness, I bring them a bit of joy too. 


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