Work, food, and friends

Yesterday was a great day. I volunteered at an event for half my work day. I got free breakfast and lunch with it and got to see lots of people I haven’t seen in a long time. I started work earlier because of that event which meant I got out before I normally do and since yesterday was trivia night I walked around downtown for an hour before meeting up with everyone. It was a gorgeous day and I loved walking around the city, many of the trees are blooming and I saw this amazingly bright purple tree that took my breath away. Go find yourself a purple tree if you can, they are beyond words.

After my walk I met up with the housemates and we went to The Hornet where I got three different appetizers to try (it was happy hour prices!). They were all tasty and the presentation was great. We then went to trivia night and proceeded to WIN the evening! Granted, there were only two other teams this month, but I’m still proud because they are two really smart teams. I enjoy doing this monthly trivia so much. The hosts are this awesome couple that I like talking with. I hope they can get a weekly game set up cause I might just go to it.

Then today I met up with a school secretary I had only ever emailed and spoken with over the phone. She had emailed me the other day saying we should actually meet in person. It was really sweet and I loved getting to talk to her face to face. She’s an awesome lady and I hope we make it work where we can hang out again. Plus, it meant I left work a bit early so I could meet with her and I got to try out a new restaurant. It was fun!

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