Friday fun day

IMG_20180420_170327.jpgFriday was a fun and sad day. I said goodbye to a coworker that I really like as she’s moving on to a better paying job (can’t blame her). Thankfully I do have her number and email address so I plan on convincing her to hang out with me outside of work. Game night perhaps? We played Sushi Go at lunch and ate extremely rich sopapilla cheesecake to send her off.

After work I hung out and read a comic book for a bit while the housemates all made their way downtown. Then we all met up at The Inventing Room Dessert Shop for a “dessert first” evening. Gene and I split a smore dessert and a bread pudding dessert. The bread pudding was the best, so glad the young lady at the counter recommended it. This place caters as well so I’m thinking I’ll have them be part of the wedding shindig Gene and I are planning for July. They would be a great addition to the party.

From The Inventing Room we went to the Alamo Drafthouse to watch Ready Player One. I wasn’t expecting to like it very much because of multiple opinions I’ve heard but I enjoyed it so much. I thought it was a really good movie, especially for on the big screen. It was hilarious and yes, there were a lot of references and blatant promotion, but knowing that going in was the way to go because I didn’t care about that stuff at all. In fact, some of it made me laugh and enjoy it even more. I was very satisfied with the movie, especially since Elisabeth paid for it all because she got employee of the month at work and got a gift card because of it! Free stuff and good free stuff is awesome!


2 thoughts on “Friday fun day

    1. Good to know! I most likely won’t have them do dessert, I think I’ll have them do appetizers. But, it does mean if you and the family have a spare moment, you should get yourselves over to the shop so you can try out the bread pudding.

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