Work day is good day

IMG_20180425_132452.jpgToday has been an interesting and pretty good day. It started with my manager giving me a breakfast burrito and some chocolate from her recent trip to Peru (just the chocolate, not the burrito!). Then, an hour later, a teammate brought in a homemade white cake and sugar cookies he had made just because. It also happened to be Administrative Appreciation Day so throughout my workday I was given gift cards, cards, and flowers. And of course, I just felt appreciated which is always nice.

In the morning, my coworkers and I surprised our delivery guy with balloons, a card, and some money for his upcoming wedding. He’s this awesome guy that knows all of our names, is always helping us, and is just overall really kind. He definitely doesn’t make a lot of money and he works so hard so we wanted to do something for him. Hopefully what we collected will allow him and his new wife to go on a honeymoon.

IMG_20180425_132503.jpgThen, in the afternoon I helped one of my managers with interviews for a school improvement partner, someone I will work with a lot next year so it was exciting to see these candidates and know one of them will be my teammate in the near future. Plus, it made the day go by quickly.

I went on a walk with Gene after work because he came home early and then I worked in the backyard for a bit. Such a lovely day, I wish I had been able to go outside more. Maybe one day I’ll work in a place that has outdoor seating, that would be awesome.

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