End of the week

Thursday was a lovely day. At lunchtime, I walked around downtown in search of some food. I soaked up the sun and got my steps in while being amazed and increasingly worried at how long every restaurant’s line was. Because I couldn’t decide what I actually wanted to eat I turned back toward work, planning on stopping at a 7 Eleven to see if anything caught my eye. But as I neared the 7 Eleven, I remembered a hidden cafe on the 2nd floor of one of the big buildings and I headed there instead. Their special for the day was sloppy joe so I figured why not and ordered myself one. It was pretty tasty, especially since I was starving after walking around for 40 minutes.

Cool wall painting at restaurant

Then, for dinner the housemates and I went to a new restaurant to support a non-profit event that was happening. Multiple restaurants in Denver (over 300), were donating 25% of their earnings yesterday to a non-profit that prepares and gives meals to people with HIV/Aids, cancer, and other serious diseases. It is a great cause and I’m generally down for trying new restaurants so it worked out well. The food was delicious, and is a new go-to I think. But the fun thing of the evening is that one of my teammates was there too! He actually volunteers at the non-profit it turns out and was there for the evening encouraging others to volunteer as well. He may have just convinced me, perhaps after the wedding shindig festivities end I’ll sign up to chop vegetables and bake goods for those in need.

Tulips at City Park

Friday, I treated myself to some hushpuppies that the cafeteria in my building made. They were delicious, and may have just become a regular Friday treat for myself. Then I played Code Names: Pictures with my coworkers for Friday Funday. Everyone liked it so much that we went over our normally one hour time just so we could play one more game. After work I stopped at City Park and took a walk before heading home. It was a good day.

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