Saturday is busy day

Saturday was an action filled day. I started the day by taking a walk with Gene at 7am because Pippin had woken us up at 6. Then, we got ourselves to the movie theater at 8:15am because we wanted to make sure we got into the 9:15am showing of the new Avengers movie. The good news was that there were only three other people in the parking lot when we got there so I had time to run to Chick-fil-A and get myself a biscuit sandwich. The bad news was that the theater didn’t open their doors until 8:45am so we walked around and hung out in the parking lot for a bit. It actually wasn’t that bad, the morning was sunny and pretty warm so it was pleasant.

The movie was something else. I keep thinking about it but I can’t really describe how I felt except that it invoked a very emotional reaction out of me. I loved it and hated it. It was amazing and I’m desperate for the second movie to come out except all I know is that it’s set to come out in 2019. I hope it’s early 2019!

After the movie we went to a nearby Thai restaurant where I had delicious yellow curry. This was our second time going, the first time I also got yellow curry but it was too spicy for me so I couldn’t eat it. Yesterday was a success – not too spicy and very delicious. We then headed to Sam’s Club where Sidney got a membership and we proceeded to buy a soundbar for our TV! Gene set it up yesterday afternoon and it’s awesome – so much better than our TV. Well worth the cost.

Today I worked in the backyard for about 5 hours, moving rocks, picking weeds, and laying down garden fabric. I didn’t quite accomplish what I planned but I got close enough that I’m satisfied. I still think I’m on track to have everything done by the first or second weekend of June.

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