Comics, work, & graffiti

Flowering tree from my walk today

Sunday afternoon I went to another comic book club meetup with Elisabeth and Sidney. I’ve been going to these since January so I actually know people’s names now and have a kind of relationship with them. It’s really nice and I enjoy going to these meetups. It also allows me to try out new places in Denver as we meet at a variety of different cafes and breweries. This past weekend we met at C Squared Ciders, a cider brewery that also offers food. It was a neat space but kind of loud (seems to be a consistent thing with restaurants these days).

Yesterday I started my week by volunteering at a high school event where I got to see students from many of the high schools in Denver talk about an issue at their school and how they’re working to solve it. There was a panel of judges and the students had a powerpoint to go with their presentation and a display they set up in another room for later questions and discussion. It was fun to listen to these students, and while some schools clearly did more work than others, everyone showed up professionally and pushed their way through their time. Next year I’ll go to just watch the whole thing, not volunteer so I can see all of it.

“Sardine” graffiti on a park bench.

Today, I came in to a May Day gift from my coworker – a gardening bag with gloves, a hand rake, and some pruning shears. She got gifts for all of the ladies in the office and she wasn’t even working here today – how sweet is that. Later in the day I took a walk during lunch and got to smell some lovely butterfly bushes, see a gorgeous flowering tree, and catch site of a few “Sardine” postings. Quite a while ago, Sidney and I happened to spot graffiti that said “Sardine Boys” and we hypothesized about what it could mean, that it was a new gang in town. Well with the warmer weather, I’ve been walking around more and I’ve been running into more “Sardine” graffiti. I’ve taken pictures of them when I remember and I’ve started an album for me and Sidney to keep track of everywhere we’ve seen them, as Sidney has also spotted the word near her work. It’s something fun to be on the lookout for when walking around downtown.

May Day goodies next to lovely flower I received from Admin Day

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