Whirlwind weekend


Wall of Mile High Comics

This past weekend was a whirlwind. I went to Mile High Comics Saturday morning with the housemates for Free Comic Book Day. Two hours later I came out with three free comics plus a few purchased ones. It’s always great to be around fellow nerds, it lifts my spirits, and this time was no exception. There were SO MANY PEOPLE. Thankfully, we went to the central location of Mile High Comics (they have multiple stores), which is in a giant warehouse, so people were able to spread out a bit. it was my first time there and while they didn’t have all the comics I was interested in (no Critical Role!), they did have some Adventure Time comics so I grabbed a couple of those. This place was impressive – they had so many comics – I have no words. If you like comics, you definitely need to check this place out.


Hipster breakfast! English muffin, veggie sausage, egg, & cheese.

After grabbing our comics we went to Sunny’s, a nearby brunch place, to have food with our comic meetup friends. We talked about what comics we all had just purchased, dissected the new Avengers movie, and ate delicious food.

I then dropped off Elisabeth and Sidney back at home before booking it to Kaitlin’s to attend her baby shower! I met Kaitlin at her house and she drove us over to her friend’s house who was hosting the party. My mom and Kevin’s mom had gone earlier to set up and decorate the place like crazy. It was so adorable, they did a great job. My mom found a tree branch and hung individual letters on pieces of wood that spelled out “Adventure Awaits”. I wish I had gotten a picture of it, it was lovely! I ate more delicious food, played a few games, and got to see my mom and Kevin’s family before going back home for the evening.

Needless to say I went to bed early that night.

Baby shower decorations


Me & Gene at the play

Sunday was almost as busy. Gene and I went to Nick’s Garden Center to determine what kind of stepping stones I wanted for the backyard. We then rushed to do the grocery shopping before getting ourselves to the theater to watch a play. The play was called Native Gardens and it was about neighbors and their different backyard aesthetics. It was decent and I laughed a lot. The set was awesome, they had real grass and dirt and fake flowers and a giant tree. It was impressive. I got tickets for cheap because of the Radvantage membership I signed up for this theater season. Because I’m 30 and under, I get a lower version of a theater subscription for only $20 a year. Yeah, it’s a great deal for things like this!

After the play we came back home and I finished clearing out the side yard of weeds. Oh my gosh I was so proud of myself (and still am) – it was quite the task as the area was FILLED with weeds and grass. But it’s empty now after hours of work and looks lovely with the garden fabric on top. I love seeing the slow progress of my backyard landscaping. While my plans have changed a bit (getting different stepping stones and not doing everything I planned) I’m still very excited about what the yards will look like come summer.


More decorations from the baby shower ’cause it’s so cute!

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