Tours, lunch, and work

Gratuitous photo of Pippin

Today I took a tour of the Emily Griffith Technical College (EGTC). EGTC is located in my building but I’ve never visited it in the over two years I’ve worked here. Funny, isn’t it. It’s only two floors below me but it’s basically a world away. My coworker decided it was a good idea to take a tour so she had the executive director tell us about the school and then show us around. It was so. awesome. If I want a new career, I’m going to learn it there. They have so many different options from dental assistant to accounting to construction to cooking. And the director stated that they don’t let students graduate with debt. Amazing. I wish I could remember everything he said because it was so inspiring. It was clear that the director and his staff have worked extremely hard to get the college where it currently is and they continue to work hard to make it even better. Getting to learn about this place was such a great part of my day.


But it didn’t end there. I then went out to lunch with a few of the team to welcome our [somewhat] new chief of staff. She’s been here for a little over a month now and we were just now able to treat her to lunch. We went to D Bar and I had a delicious chicken and waffle sandwich. Oh my gosh, can I have that everyday? The presentation was lovely but the taste itself was just as good. But it was the company that was the best. I loved getting to chat with these ladies and get to know them more. We’ve decided we’re going to make this at least a quarterly thing where we go out to lunch, and I love the idea.

I promise I did do some work today! But I also ate chocolate chip cookies I had made last night and flipped through the Birds of Colorado book a coworker brought in for me to borrow this week as she learned I also like birds. I’m hoping to take a walk today or tomorrow with the book so I can look for all the different birds in my neighborhood.


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