Sad news

Almost two weeks ago, Sidney’s mom, Tammie, died. It was unexpected and rocked the household’s world. I am sad that Tammie is gone. I spent many nights at her house. She cooked me many breakfasts and dinners. She got me started on my tiny pig collection. When I fell in love with a pig eraser she had, she gave it to me. She’s bought me gifts. She’s bought Pippin toys. She’s come to my house. She gave me tips on my yard and introduced me to Top Golf. She’s driven me around and has been great company. It is confusing for my brain to comprehend that she’s actually gone.

I am sad that Sidney doesn’t have her mom anymore. There are things that will happen in her life that Tammie would have loved to hear about and see. That Sidney would have loved to share with her. Sidney is going to have a long journey of healing and acceptance.

I hope this is the last sad blog post I write for a very long time. I love focusing on how great my life [generally] is and I plan to continue to do that, but today I needed to take a moment to reflect on the negative part. I owe it to Tammie and I owe it to Sidney. Tammie was one of those great parts of my life and I am sorry she won’t get to be directly involved anymore.

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