My three day weekend was awesome. It started with celebrating Sidney’s birthday on Friday with some stir fry and watching the new Jumanji movie at home. The mail also delivered two D&D enamel pins I had ordered with Elisabeth months ago and I am happy to say they look just as amazing as the mock-up art showed. I definitely need to get myself a corkboard to put these up.Maker:S,Date:2017-10-15,Ver:6,Lens:Kan03,Act:Lar02,E-Y

Saturday included watching Deadpool 2 in the morning before my family came over for an early dinner. I got to see everyone and had fun seeing all the new things EG has learned (she can say “hi” REALLY well and she walks no problem). She even gave me a hug and sat on my lap (by her own accord) for a few minutes! Next time we’ll have to eat outside and play some games.

Boiling Korean food!

Sunday I puttered around the house and prepped some of my framed pictures in preparation of redoing what I call my “Nature Wall”. It’s a wall in the computer room that has an assortment of pictures, paintings, and posters. In it’s current state some of the frames aren’t spaced quite right so I decided I needed to redo it, especially since there is more art I want to add. So hopefully within the next couple of weeks I can finish gathering everything I want and make the wall an even more beautiful view. That same day the housemates played Mysterium, a really fun cooperative guessing game and then we went to a Korean restaurant to do more of celebrating Sidney’s birthday.

Yesterday I moved rocks in the backyard since next Saturday I am picking up a bunch of plants I ordered back in March. I’m around 85% done and feeling very proud – I think I can be ready in time for planting on Sunday. We also got a new stove/oven yesterday! Already used it and everything is great. It’s going to make meal prep and cooking in general way nice as the stove has more flexibility and I’m guessing all of the ranges work perfectly.

Today I came into work to find the mural on the parking garage had been completed. And it looks fantastic. I am a huge fan of all the colors. I am so happy that someone in my work decided we should paint the garage, it brings me so much joy to see it. I wonder now how I went these past few years without this beauty. In addition, one of my managers gave me an appreciation gift she had picked up from one of the schools just for me. I got a pencil and a cool steel cup. Not a bad way to start the work week.

Part of the mural by my work – love it!

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