Jam & flowers

Boiling strawberries, sugar, & lemon juice!

Yesterday I made homemade jam for the first time. One of my goals this year was to “can some food” and I’d like to think I successfully accomplished it. Making the jam wasn’t difficult at all and it was way faster than I thought it would be (20 minutes on the stove!). I had strawberry jam toast this morning and so far so good – it was quite sweet, definitely jam, and I haven’t gotten sick yet. Anyone want to come over for some peanut butter jelly sandwiches or maybe scones? I have over 32oz of the stuff! I’ll definitely make more, but maybe with slightly less sugar next time. I see homemade pickles in my future too.

Other than that, all the flowers are blooming and I love it! My African Violets are thriving by the kitchen sink, they’ve begun to bloom again after months and months of only green leaves. Turns out this plant isn’t that easy to kill, even after me not watering it for a couple of weeks. A slightly bigger container, some more dirt, and more consistent watering and boom it keeps on growing. Almost time for another move to a bigger pot!


The front yard is also in full bloom and it looks AMAZING. Third year with these plants and they are giant and beautiful and I love them so much. It makes me so excited to think about what the yard will look like in another three to six years, as I continue to add more plants every year.

P.S. You HAVE to watch this D&D Beyond video. Even if you don’t know anything about Dungeons and Dragons or Critical Role (the characters of this video are Critical Role characters). Watch it and be ready to want to play D&D!

Obligatory Pippin photo

One thought on “Jam & flowers

  1. Happy blog, cool video and great pics – love the obligatory one of Pippin!! Save us some jam!

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