Weekend happenings


This weekend has been non-stop for me! Saturday morning started with homemade scones, clotted cream, and homemade jam, cause, you know, it’s what you gotta do. A fancy grocery store near my work carries clotted cream so I picked it up Friday afternoon as a surprise to Gene. He always likes the idea of having scones with it and I figured this was the perfect time since I just made jam.


Canned homemade jam!

After breakfast I moved more rocks in preparation for picking up my 45 plants later that day. That’s right, yesterday was the day my gardens in a box were ready for pick up. The gang and I grabbed them before going to Alamo Drafthouse where we watched the first two episodes of Cloak and Dagger, a soon to be new tv show about yet more comic book heroes. While I’m starting to get tired of the overload of Marvel and DC tv shows and movies, I did enjoy the show and am interested to see where it goes. These definitely aren’t heroes like Thor or Spiderman. The show has potential but it needs to start moving a bit faster or I’m going to get bored. It airs this Thursday for any interested.


Watermelon with mint & chocolate

After the show, we stopped by The Inventing Room again to try out some different treats than last time. I got condensed watermelon (watermelon cubes in a vacuum sealed bag) and strawberry cotton candy. Gene got a horchata slushie, Sidney got freeze dried cheeto puffs, and Elisabeth tried a chai milkshake. Tastiness all around. I just love watching the staff work, they are extremely knowledgeable about the scientific processes they use to make these foods and they’re all nice. So glad they’re willing to give me recommendations because there are too many appealing options. Next time I’m totally trying one of their ice creams!


After quenching our sweet tooth, we came home and Gene and I worked on the yard. Sidney joined us later in the evening and we ended up planting maybe a third of the plants.

Gene & Pippin

This morning, Gene and I got up and immediately went outside and worked for a while planting the majority of the rest of the flowers. After a quick break I went grocery shopping, had lunch, and then the housemates and I did meal prep for the week. Then, in between watching Dungeons and Dragons (the company hosted a live stream event weekend with famous D&D players playing with one another!), I finished putting the rest of the flowers in the ground and ate at Tocabe (aka Native American Qdoba). That’s right, I’m officially done planting! There’s still plenty of work left to do in the yards but the main goal of the weekend is complete. And it wasn’t nearly as time consuming as three years ago when we made the yard a xeriscape one – so that’s great. I’m so glad that everything is in the ground.


Chicken Indian taco from Tocabe



3 thoughts on “Weekend happenings

  1. Whew! I’m exhausted just reading about your weekend – guess that’s because I’m 59 instead of 29!!

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