Plants, cross stitch, tire

Well, it’s been a few days and none of the new plants have died yet – I take that as a great sign! I’m debating if I want to purchase ground cover plants for the backyard or let that be a next year thing. I think it’s going to take a trip to the garden center before a final decision is made. The two plants below are doing great and are two of my favorites – I like how they look. 

This week I also finished my latest cross stitch! I’m quite proud and am excited to hang it on the wall. I definitely learned a few things during this month long stitch – such as, really make sure you’re counting stitches, it’s probably a good idea to count them twice. And the tiny fabric is really hard to see in the evening, when I do most of my cross stitching, so bigger squares are better. Lessons learned – pretty soon I’ll be ready to start up my next cross stitch – a mountain one my parents got me! Credit for the pattern goes to LittleRoomInTheAttic on Etsy. 

Mystery Shack cross stitch

Yesterday started with a flat tire, which wasn’t enjoyable but thankfully I was close enough to work that I just drove to my parking lot. USAA was amazing and sent a guy out to put on my spare within 10 minutes of me calling them. Score! That really helped me stay chill and I didn’t worry about it until after work when I went to Costco to have it checked out. I was advised to purchase two new tires so that’s been done and they should be in the store in about a week. Driving on a spare tire isn’t ideal but I can still get around so that’s something.

Below are two more plants I really like. The one on the left is new and is sprouting flowers already! The one on the right are snap dragons that came with the house and they are just flourishing this year, I love seeing them.




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