Work time

Today was an easy going day. I walked to a coffee shop with some coworkers and then took a walk for my lunch break, stopping in a small park to try the almond apricot scone I got. While I like the picture I took (#nofilter), I didn’t care much for the actual scone – almond extract in the icing really turned me off as I don’t like that flavor. And there was barely any apricot! But my disappointment was short lived as I finished my walk and found more “Sardine” graffiti sightings. I’ve finally gotten up the courage to ask Reddit about what “Sardine” means so I hope to have some insight in the next day or so.


A few more hours of work and then I went to a retirement party for a coworker. We had happy hour at Tony P’s, a pizza place I had never been to before and discovered I really enjoy. Sadly it’s not close to my house so I probably won’t go often but maybe I can make it a point to go at least once a year. Pizza was good and the backroom we reserved was really great – comfy seating, open to the elements, plenty of space. I had a really great time, it’s possibly my favorite work outing I’ve been to in the past four years. I think that means I need to hang out with some of these people more!

Lovely flowers I passed on the way to the retirement party

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