Whirlwind weekend

Another whirlwind of a weekend. Saturday was spent running errands, prepping for the wedding shindig, and trying scuba. Turns out trying scuba diving for a second time was the way to go – while I still wasn’t 100% comfortable in the water, I totally swam while breathing! A feat I was unable to do the first time we went. I am extremely proud of myself. It took me quite a while to get there, but the instructor was so amazingly patient and encouraging that I never felt pressured once. I can see how much fun scuba diving will likely be. I enjoyed diving in a pool – imagine how much fun it will be when I’m surrounded by fish and coral. I got to wear a wetsuit for the first time too and learned how much I love them. I was warm the whole time while wearing it. It was lovely.

Pippin hanging out while I pulled weeds.

That wasn’t the only highlight of my weekend, however, although it was my proudest moment. Yesterday I met up with a cousin and her family for lunch as they were visiting Colorado for a couple of days. I really enjoyed getting to spend a bit of time with them, I hope one day we live in the same state so we can see each other more often.

That afternoon I also went to my comic book meetup where I sipped on a smoothie and discussed a comic book centered around what happens if all but one male dies on the planet. I also did meal prep, worked in the yard, and read a book. It was an energetic weekend for me but I came out of it happy.

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