Pie & random happenings

Elisabeth treated the house to homemade strawberry rhubarb pie Monday night as my dad had sent her some freshly picked rhubarb this past weekend from a local rhubarb farm he had visited. She jumped at the chance to get rhubarb so the rest of the housemates let her lead the charge in using it. My grandparents used to grow rhubarb at their condo in the Rocky Mountains when I was a child so I grew up having homemade pie when we went up in the summers. The rhubarb grew near the entrance to the condo, right under the wooden stairs, and I remember learning that the leaves were poisonous and being amazed that we had poison right there. I would always check the plant whenever we first got there. It’s a fond memory and getting to eat a slice of pie was a nice way to relive it. It was also good pie!

The week has gone by quickly, which is great because Gene and I are taking Friday off to celebrate our one year anniversary of being married. Woot! We’ll go out to lunch and go bowling (both items to prepare for the shindig) and perhaps we’ll get ourselves into some more fun, who knows.

But the past two nights we’ve played our Pathfinder card game. We finished the third adventure pack last night so we got some good rewards out of it. As Gene was preparing the game for the fourth adventure, Pippin decided to help and I snapped this picture:


Happily, my new tires were delivered to Costco today so I’m getting my tires changed tomorrow! I am so thrilled, I’ve been driving around with a spare for over a week and it’s not the safest feeling. I check the tire twice a day and it seems to be in decent shape but I want to be back to all decent, normal sized tires. So glad that will happen tomorrow!

I’m also pleased to say that the majority of my plants are doing well. A few are suffering in the heat but they’re still alive and one or two I think I may have killed. But both of those were plants from my coworker so I don’t feel too bad since I didn’t pay for them. Still, I’m not telling her about them, not yet! I just keep watering them and am hoping for the best, many plants are more resilient than I think.

Sidney’s money tree that she got from Elisabeth’s parents. It’s also very pretty.

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