My day – 6/14/18

My morning started with eating breakfast outside and then pulling weeds while Pippin wandered the yard. I loved it. I say this all the time but being outside really improves a person’s mood. There’s still more work to do with the yard but just having plants around makes it instantly look nicer. I’ve started letting Pippin walk around the backyard when I’m out there and of course he inevitably gets to the point where he tries to jump a fence. He’s an adventurer, that’s for sure. But I’ve caught him each time thankfully as I really don’t want to see what happens when he gets into the dog filled neighbors’ yards.

That morning time outside really set my day off right so work was a breeze. One of my coworkers also brought in homemade banana bread for a treat so I ate two pieces of that happily. Then I went and had lunch with Gene and Sidney at Daikon, the bahn mi place. I got a beef bahn mi this time and it was tasty, but I think chicken is my favorite.

Sidney’s and my bahn mi sandwiches

After work I went to Costco to get my tires replaced and learned that the tires I had ordered were the wrong size. Ouch. But the tire guy was super nice and helped me find tires that would fit so I’ll be going back on Sunday to get those on. Wasn’t an ideal part of my day but it did work out okay and I came home to soup heating up on the stove and bread in the oven so that made my day better. 

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