Day off 6/15/18

Pancakes & bacon from Syrup

Gene and I took today off so we could spend time together and celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. We started the morning off with going to Syrup, a local breakfast restaurant in the city. The food was fine, not great, but the company easily made up for it. Still, I’d give the restaurant another try as I’ve had their catering before and I really liked it, so I know they can make delicious food.

Pixelated deer
Me and the gnome, chilling

I checked out a museum pass from the library for the Museum of Contemporary Art so we could go after breakfast but before heading there we googled it and learned the museum doesn’t open until 12. New plan! We were only three minutes away from  the Botanic Garden and since that was already open and I have a membership, I took us there. We wandered a bit, enjoying the multitude of blooming flowers and the giant pixel art that comprises the garden’s current art exhibit. While I liked the pixel art, all of it was damaged or tarnished, by the artist’s own hands, to make it look weathered, which I thought was a bunch of nonsense. The art would have looked much better had it been in pristine condition. I suppose I don’t always understand artists’ choices. Still, we found an awesome forest gnome, a majestic deer, and a hot cactus that I did enjoy looking at.

Boys watching the modern art video

After that we walked around Denver until the museum opened. The Museum of Contemporary Art was interesting. I had never been before and didn’t really know what to expect. The museum is relatively small, housing only a handful of exhibits, none of them permanent. Turns out modern art, at least that in Denver, is not my thing. It’s funny because I found a lot of art I liked in the London modern art museum, but the stuff in Denver was not up my alley. The gallery I found most interesting was the honey gallery, where I watched a video of honey being poured over a woman. Odd. But a bunch of boys happened to come in as I was watching the video and they were so enraptured that it made me enjoy this oddness a bit more.


I was hungry after that so walked to Union Station. I had never been before but Elisabeth had told me about an ice cream parlor inside from a previous visit of hers and I wanted to give it a try. I grabbed a quick sandwich first from another restaurant and then got myself some strawberry ice cream from Milkbox Icecreamery. Gene and I ate outside while we watched children play in nearby water fountains. It felt very European and fancy, sitting in a table in the middle of the sidewalk, under a tree, with people all around us. It was pleasant.

We went home after that and relaxed because the heat got to us both.

In other happy news, my sister has had her baby. Oliver James was welcomed into the world yesterday morning! More fun times ahead for all!





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