Scuba & Pride

Today I went to scuba orientation with Gene and Elisabeth (Sidney didn’t have to go since she’s already certified). We watched a video about safety and then went over what the scuba class will look like and some of our options for our open water dives that we have to take before we get our certification. We also got fitted for our flippers and mask. It’s really happening – I’m going to learn how to scuba dive. Woot.


I worked in the yard a bit after that before the girls and I headed downtown to volunteer at the Denver Public Schools (DPS) Pride booth. This weekend is the Pride festival for Denver and DPS had a booth in the youth corner. As someone who has basically had everything handed to her in life, I thought it would be a good idea for me to give back a tiny bit and support those people who have it tougher than me. So I got Elisabeth and Sidney to get in on it with me and we spent two hours giving away temporary tattoos, stickers, and coloring pages to kids and adults. It was a lot of fun. I saw someone from work I knew and met other DPS employees as well. But the best part was the welcoming vibe everyone had and seeing kids and teenagers having a great time. Next year we’ll volunteer again, but in the morning I think.

Tomorrow we’ll be walking the parade and repping DPS, it should be an exhausting but great time. In other news, one of my air plants has flowered! It’s also got this lovely shade of purple on it. I’ve never had air plants before this year so I’m slightly nervous I’m going to kill them (because that is possible) but so far so good I think. Air plants are so pretty and cool – everything should get some. I have them in the bathroom to add to the jungle theme I have going on. It’s so nice to be in the shower and see these plants, nice way to relax.

See the tiny yellow flower! It’s already wilting because I waited too long to take a picture but it’s still beautiful.


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