Pride & family


The housemates and I walked in the Denver Pride parade yesterday and it was awesome. We represented Denver Public Schools. Great energy from everyone, those walking and those watching. The weather held out the whole time too and was relatively cool even. The organizers of our group did an amazing job getting us t-shirts and providing flags and bracelets for us to pass out. I really enjoyed myself, partly because it turns out it’s really nice to have people cheering for you, and partly because I love that I can represent DPS and show my support for the LGBTQ+ community. Pretty sure I’ll be doing this again.

To celebrate our participation in the parade, and to cool ourselves down a bit (because even though it was cooler out it was still hot), after the parade we went to Glacier ice cream and treated ourselves. I then worked in the yard for a bit before going to Costco to get my tires changed. This time I can happily say it was a success! I now have four new tires that should hold out for years to come. I can drive over 50mph again, woot!


With my new tires, Gene and I drove to Kaitlin and Kevin’s house for dinner with my family. I got to meet Oliver James! I forgot how tiny babies were, everything is small. He behaved very well for a four day old. It was really great to get to hang out with EG too. She can say even more words now and totally understands what someone says to her. She’s happy and caring and really smart. She’s pretty cool. Kaitlin and Kevin are doing a great job at juggling two babies, although we all know they could use more sleep. Such is the life of a parent.

Kevin’s and EG’s shirts – look at them, aren’t they awesome?!

We had a nice bbq dinner and visited for a bit before heading home. And now the work week has begun. I’ll be going to an overnight retreat with my department this week so that will be interesting. I’ve never done anything like it before and don’t really know what to expect but I’m hoping it’ll be fun. I won’t have access to internet so I’ll be afk for a couple of days. Looking forward to filling everyone in on how it goes when I get back!


EG brushing Gene’s hair! She was a bit scared but she did it anyway – and now his hair looks gorgeous.

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