Work retreat & weekend

One of the wildflowers

I am back from the work retreat and although it was tiring because of so little downtime and so much team time, it was pretty fun and I really enjoyed getting to know my team more. I’m glad I was a part of it.


We spent our retreat at The Nature Place, a retreat complex in Florissant, about an hour away from Colorado Springs. It was a lovely area, gorgeous aspen groves surrounded by pines and dotted with wildflowers. I went on a short hike with some of my team Thursday morning and wish I could have gone out again, it was beautiful. The area also had these awesome black squirrels, which I had only seen in Boulder previously. The deck of the main lodge also had a couple of hummingbird feeders so hummingbirds were constantly flitting around. It was extremely peaceful.

The food was also great and my hotel room was spacious and spotless. Kinda wish we could work up there more often. However, I am glad to be back in my own bed and house.


Little gnome house I found at the retreat

I took Friday off and ran errands almost the entire day, although they weren’t all the ones I originally planned on doing. Nevertheless it was productive. Yesterday was spent pulling weeds in the yard, going to see The Book of Mormon, and spending the evening with Elisabeth’s parents. It was a great day – the weeds are mostly gone now, the musical was just as good, if not better, than the first time I saw it, and Elisabeth’s parents were fun to spend time with.

Today will be spent on more yard work (the back is already set up for drip irrigation – woot!) and making progress on my online scuba class – gotta get it done before Friday and it supposedly takes around 6 hours so I have to get on it.

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