Nature Wall is upgraded

Picture layout on the floor – step 1

The Nature Wall has been upgraded! Thanks to Sidney’s and Gene’s help yesterday afternoon, I took down the nature wall pictures and hung them back up in a nicer, more organized manner. We are not quite finished as a frame broke, another frame needs a hook, and my two cross stitch pieces need adjusting but I’m still pleased with the current set up. We moved everything higher, which will take some getting used to, but I like to think it means I have more room, closer to my height, to put more pictures. I did start a new cross stitch this weekend (the one my parents got me last Christmas!) and I think it will be a fantastic addition to the wall once it’s done. We’ll have to see!

Frames were traced onto tissue paper then taped onto the tissue paper canvas and placed on the wall.

I’m not the best at planning out how and where to hang pictures so the whole set up isn’t 100% level or even but if you don’t look closely you’ll never know. And hey, in the long run, that kind of thing doesn’t matter. You should be checking out the individual pictures and enjoying their awesomeness, not focusing on the distance between the frames. I tried following instructions from this site on how to plan and execute everything. We ended up taping tissue paper together for a giant wall canvas and then taping the tissue paper frames onto that. Gene’s brilliant idea.

Gene hammered nails into the wall using the tissue paper guides, then we ripped all the paper down and hung up the frames.

Looks pretty great, right? I have some great pictures, paintings, and prints up there and as you can tell, there’s room for more. I feel like such a fancy adult having a gallery of art in my house. What a grownup am I.


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