Vases & work

Check out these cute vases I made the other day. I wanted to separate my air plants a bit more and realized we still had some of that InstaMorph (moldable plastic) Kevin got Gene YEARS ago. I think my vases turned out great (although not exactly smooth) and I might just make some more. I’m really liking these air plants, I can’t say that enough, they’re just so cool! Also, that InstaMorph is really easy to use, we have plenty of it left if anyone thinks of something I should make!

Yesterday, a teammate surprised me with orange juice and a donut for the help I’ve given him recently. What a lovely surprise. It’s these moments that really make me love my job.  This guy is also really awesome, he runs the technical college and is such a nice person, he cares so much about students.

Then today I helped another teammate build a wordpress blog – he’s retiring (tomorrow’s his last day!) and he plans on building a small trailer and travelling the country with his free time. He wants to document the building process and his travels – it sounds like he’s going to have loads of adventures so of course I was down for helping him set up a website. I look forward to seeing what he posts!

Also, a coworker asked if she could borrow my dinosaur costume! FINALLY! I’ve been wanting people to use it because I know how much fun it is and I want to share that. But no one ever takes me up on the offer until now. I’m so happy someone else will get to experience the joy of being a dinosaur. So I took the costume down from my closet (so I would remember to take it to work) and who decided to get INSIDE the costume this morning? Beautiful Pippin. I had to dig in the costume to figure out where he had gone. This cat LOVES this costume, I think as much as me, really. He’ll just have to wait a few weeks before he can hang out in it again.


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