Yesterday I quit the scuba class. After not wanting to get into the water but still doing it. After not wanting to go under the water but still doing it. After not wanting to do skill tests but still doing it I decided I really didn’t want to scuba. It is not for me. Should I have finished the class? Probably. And I might regret that because I was just a few skills tests away from completing. But will I regret not continuing in general? I don’t think so. I wasn’t enjoying the class. I wasn’t enjoying being under the water. I was dreading going into open water. It’s a bit of a bummer but the housemates have been really understanding. And of course, this isn’t a life sentence. I can choose to get certified at a later time if I ever change my mind.

But for now, I will stay above the water and will try out snorkeling, because swimming around the pool with a snorkel was fun for me this weekend. Gene, obviously, completed the course without issue – he really is a natural. Elisabeth is still deciding if she wants to move forward. And Sidney is already certified so she spent the weekend grocery shopping and cooking for us – I feel so spoiled.


One thought on “Scuba

  1. You know yourself better than anyone – why do something you don’t enjoy (and even dread)? It’s not the end of the world – there’s plenty of other things you enjoy doing. I think you gave scuba a fair chance. And I think you will still have a FABULOUS time in New Zealand! Proud of you!

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