4th of July

img_20180704_091559Today has been a lovely day – I started with breakfast outside, breathing in the smell of fresh mulch (Gene and I put it down yesterday) and enjoying the site of green trees and sun. I then let Pippin out and together we wandered the backyard. Pippin chased some grasshoppers while I watered the flowers. He eventually settled down for a few minutes so I pulled out lots of grass (it’s my weed) and took a few snapshots of Pippin’s piercing eyes.

We came in as the sun’s heat increased but by that time everyone was awake so the housemates and I played our next adventure in Pathfinder. That game is hard and we’re just now halfway through with it. I can only imagine how brutal our very last game is going to be. Gulp.

We made deviled eggs after that and dyed the egg whites as Elisabeth had been holding onto egg dye ever since Easter. The colors came out marvelously, I almost wish we had made more eggs, although there’s no way we could eat them all. Still, dyeing egg whites is just as easy as dying egg shells and I get to enjoy the color more because I eat it instead of trashing the shell.

We watched an episode of Cloak and Dagger and then played the game Concept for a bit. Four episodes into the show and I still like it. The show speaks on very serious topics so it’s not a light show, which is the type of show I usually watch, but the topics are important and necessary and the show does a decent job at acknowledging and handling them. It’s also nice to have a different kind of superhero show than is currently flooding the channels.

Now it’s almost dinnertime so that means hamburgers, corn on the cob, baked beans, fries, and obviously deviled eggs. Happy fourth of July everyone, hope yours has been as great as mine!

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