My day – July 7

Lovely bee in my front yard

Because it was going to be so extremely hot today I watered my plants this morning to give them a bit of a buffer from the heat. While I was out in the front, our lovely giant bee friend stopped by to hang out with my flowers. I was able to get a fairly decent picture! She’s so furry and large, I love watching her. She was eating my other flowers a few weeks ago so I was glad to see her. Assuming it’s the same bee, of course. Makes me so happy to see a variety of bees utilizing my flowers – that’s one reason I got them.

A few days ago I finally ordered mulch for some of the flower beds and Gene helped me put it all down so the yards are looking quite nice. Still loads more to do, which will take another couple of years, but the progress thus far really does brighten my days.

More mulch in the backyard!

This morning the housemates and I watched the new Ant Man movie and while I did laugh throughout, the movie really wasn’t that good. It was definitely lacking something, I wasn’t invested at all. If you are debating whether to see it or not, don’t. Instead, go rewatch Thor Ragnarok or even Dead Pool 2. Both of those movies are way better.

The rest of the day was spent prepping for the shindig, trimming plants, and working on my cross stitch. I have now finished the first tree of my new pattern. Gene says it looks more like a leaf than a tree, and I might have to agree with him, but once I add in all the other trees it will be made clear. This is going to be the largest cross stitch I’ve done yet!

Tree or leaf?

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