My day – July 8

Plants are one of my weaknesses – I can always create an excuse to purchase a new plant, there’s always room somewhere. Today I went to Nick’s Garden Center and got myself a few goodies – some plants to put in Pippin’s catio so he’ll have more fun in there and my first ever vegetable/herb plants to see if I can grow my own food.


I bought some flowers that I love looking at and this gorgeous leaf plant that caught my eye. I’m going to let them hang out away from the catio for a few days to get grounded before I let Pippin at them. I also got myself a jalapeno plant, chive plant, and a dill plant. I’ve never grown food before (as an adult at least) so I’m interested to see how this goes. Can’t be that different from other plants, right? Sun, water, and dirt.


Also, the housemates and I played another game of Pathfinder today and my dice looked so pretty in the light.


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