My day – July 9

I get to park in the garage again at work! Due to my position, I am given free parking at my work, a real luxury. This past school year I was given access to an outdoor parking lot, which really wasn’t that bad except these past few months the sun has been beating down on my car and it’s so hot every time I get in. But for this new school year I was given access to the garage, meaning no snow, no sun, all perks. Woot! Today was my first day parking there and it was great – weird, but great.

After parking I then walked into my building and was faced with a really cool mural that didn’t exist a week ago. I forgot to snap a picture so I’ll see if I remember tomorrow. It covers one giant wall and it’s a beautiful addition to the lobby.

After THAT I came to my desk to find a wedding shindig gift one of my manager’s had got for me – it’s a new board game! I don’t have this game and have never played it, but I have heard of it and it comes highly recommended from my manager so I’m excited to give it a try (maybe at the shindig?!). It was a nice way to start my day because the rest of it was busy and I am now exhausted. Definitely going to bed early tonight.

New board game!

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