My day – July 10

I remembered to take pictures of the new mural at work – take a look at these lovely images.



This is what will greet me every morning now, how wonderful is that? I’m a fan of the art style and love all the details. It will keep me looking up for a long time. My coworker also redid the top of our joint desk and it looks so lovely, I’m quite pleased. Everything but one picture frame is hers. I really like the stuffed lion – it was her desk previously and I loved looking at it, so now I get to see it whenever I turn my head. And of course the “Today I Choose Joy” art is a great thing to look at – Brenda did it to hide the back of  her picture and while I appreciate that, the sign itself is perfect for me.

img_20180710_085555After work I stopped by The Truffle Cheese Shop for the first time and grabbed a few cheeses for the shindig. This place is legit. It’s a small shop but holy cow (haha) do they have a lot of cheeses. And you can try whatever you want. So I tried a few and picked out my three favorite. I’m definitely going back to that store, they had more than just cheese -some really good quality meat by the looks of it and other charcuterie assortments. All the employees in the shop were friendly, kind, and knowledgeable (I envy their knowledge, give it to me!). I didn’t feel pressured at all to buy, which really made me want to buy more. Can’t wait to eat these cheeses on Friday!

Delightful cheeses await us

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