Shindig complete

The Shindig is complete. So much work and it was over in three and a half days. The whole experience feels so surreal. Gene and I did it and now everyone is gone. I’m kind of sad. I really liked hanging out with everyone and I didn’t even get to hang out with them for very long because I was running around all the time.

With that said, we crushed it. I mean really, we did such an amazing job. I’m not going to lie, I am extremely proud of myself and think a little bit of bragging is in order. I organized a long weekend of activities for 30 people and it went off with only a few hitches, all of which were resolved.

I will be writing a blog post for each day because I don’t want to forget anything that happened. But for now I’m going to just sit back and relax (and maybe write some thank you notes) as it’s taking longer for me to recuperate than I thought!

One thought on “Shindig complete

  1. There had to be more than 30 people. We had 30 people the last night at Steuben’s and that didn’t include Mariana, Eddy, Pat, Katie, Mitch, Adam, Leslie, your coworkers and more. What a feat! What an amazing 3 days!

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