Shindig – prep time

Gene and I took Wednesday and Thursday off last week so we could do final preparations for the shindig. Gene’s immediate family came in on Tuesday so they helped us around the house Wednesday morning and then we all went to The French Press for lunch. We had never been there before and I can happily say that I would go back. The prices were reasonable in this cafe-type restaurant. The building itself is fairly small with seating both inside and out (they have a large patio). The menu is written on a wall while art covers another. Loved that art. I got a pork bahn mi sandwich and was very pleased with how it came out. It definitely could have used more pickled vegetables but there was plenty of meat and the bread was perfect. It was well flavored. They also had good cottage cheese.

One of The French Press’ artworks

Wednesday afternoon Gene and I did the majority of the shopping and then we went to the Roseberry’s airbnb to have dinner. Martha and Ben cooked us dinner and oh how nice it was to have a moment where I was doing nothing but sitting. The meal was delicious and we ended the evening with a trip to Pinkberry.

Thursday was spent doing final preparations before people showed up for pizza that evening. Then the fun began. That first night, everyone was getting used to themselves and this idea of a weekend shindig. We all caught up with how one another were doing and really just relaxed. I completely forgot to play the charades game I wanted to get going but it didn’t matter because I got to see old friends and it was a nice evening. People left on time and I went to bed at a reasonable hour. We didn’t have boatloads of leftovers. It was all good.

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