Shindig – Friday

Friday was when the real party started. Friday’s itinerary was lunch at our house, escape room, picnic dinner, and karaoke. I had some amazing helpers Friday morning (shoutout to Elisabeth, Lydia, and Edward) who helped me set up lunch. I was so impressed with how it all came together. I mean, it was legit professional looking. I know how to do a charcuterie board, that’s for sure. The cheeses I bought were a huge hit, especially the ones I got from The Truffle Cheese Shop. I might have to make this a monthly thing – buy some new cheeses to try out, it’s great fun. Anyways, everyone seemed to like lunch so I was pleased. I figured people didn’t get this kind of spread very often, if ever. My extended family showed up and it was awesome to see them all. It makes me smile how easily everyone talks to one another even though we haven’t’ seen each other in years.

Charcuterie lunch
Me and my family at the escape room

Lunch ended and people began carting themselves to the escape room. I don’t know much of what happened there outside of my own group but everyone seemed to have a good time as I kept hearing about the escape rooms after the fact. My group consisted of me and some of my family members. We got locked in Fidel Castro’s office as we were trying to figure out who shot down a U.S. plane. I had so much fun, and even though we didn’t escape in time (two more minutes we would have done it!), we did so well. I was the only one who had done an escape room before, and I’m not that great at them truthfully, so I was impressed. My family did such an amazing job, they jumped onto the puzzles and kept at them and had smart and clever suggestions that pushed us along. I would definitely play another escape room with them.

Fun times at the park

After the escape room, we all made our way to Washington Park for a picnic dinner. People played games, frisbee, ladder ball, and just hung out. We made sandwiches for dinner and although I forgot to bring utensils for the potato salad, almost no one mentioned it to me and when it was brought to my attention it was toward the end so I didn’t feel too bad because it was too late by then to do anything about it. The weather held out so nicely for us – it was sunny but not too hot and we had lots of shade and a slight breeze so it was actually really pleasant. I got a few board game recommendations from my friends and got to see family friends I hadn’t seen in 10 years.

Picnic time

Dinner ended and a good portion of us headed to karaoke for a few hours. I sat on the couch and sang along or danced a bit but I never took the mic. Maybe next time. There were plenty of others who had the voices and inclination to sing their hearts out. Lots of great songs were sung and then I had to go home because it was already 10:30pm and I knew I had to do more prep for the next day. I have to say, even though I didn’t go up and sing, I really enjoyed karaoke. Everyone seemed happy and I felt such joy looking around the room knowing that these people were here for me and Gene. It’s a very humbling and scary feeling. I felt that a lot – people came from all over the country to spend a few days with me. Because of me. It’s amazing.


One thought on “Shindig – Friday

  1. Beautiful blog – such happy memories already. It is humbling to be so loved, but you are loved because you have loved. And like I always told you when you were growing up – To those who have been given much, much is required. You live this out every day – much to my pride and joy. I love you.

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